The usergroup has organised meetings since 2001. The meetings are free thanks to the help of companies that host the events. Meetings are typically after working hours. The host provides food and drinks.

You should attend because…

  • You can hear about new techniques
  • You can hear how other companies apply techniques
  • You can meet other people who are interested in improving the way they work
  • You can share experience with people who’ve been using Agile methods for anything between 0 and 10 years (and some people who have been applying Agile, before “Agile” existed :-))
  • You can tryout a session you want to run at a conference
  • You can attend conference sessions for free

You should host a meeting because…

  • You want to let your employees learn more about Agile
  • You want a session about a certain topic that will benefit your company
  • You want to find people who have Agile experience
  • You get 20-30 Agile consultants to help you with a topic and it costs nothing more than some food and drinks

If you want to host a meeting

Contact us and we’ll work with you to create a user group meeting that benefits your company. All you have to do is choose an interesting topic and provide a room, some food and drinks for the participants.

If you want to attend a meeting

Check out the Meetup calendar